MedTech SuperConnector

Imperial College London

58 Wood Lane

London, W12 7RZ

19th January 2022

I have worked with John since 2018, when we began contracting his services to the Med Tech Super Connector. The MTSC is a collaboration of eight academic institutions with a shared vision to support Early Career Researchers in the development and translation of their early-stage MedTech innovations. It is the UK's most significant Med Tech business accelerator programme. Generating to date over £1.5 million in translational research funding, attracting over £800,000 in venture capital, numerous product patents and licences.

We have used Businessable to create network informed cohort reporting since the inception of the programme. Their work helped us capture vital knowledge embedded in the delivery staff and cohort. The impact reporting has enabled us to implement evidence-based changes and secure extension funding from Research England year on year.

These services have been essential to the MTSC's work of de-risking the programme for investors and creating a regular pipeline of ventures for the MTSC.

Kind regards,

Hiten Thakrar

Head of MedTech SuperConnector