Case Studies

Custom Knowledge Exchange and Evaluation (KEE) Framework for In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Accelerator program.


Market entry to the NHS is complex. To support medical device companies to evidence their progress towards Minimum Viable Products, a cross-sector (University-NHS) accelerator programme was created for SMEs who are developing In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVDs). To evaluate this programme, Businessable created a custom knowledge exchange and evaluation (KEE) framework for them, blending metrics from existing IVD protocols (POCKET), NICE, and other regulators’ requirements with data required to measure commercial progress.

Data capture systems were built for the programme to evaluate the venture’s progress against metrics and summarised in an impact report for delivery staff.


Evaluations for frameworks for IVDs exist but don’t often include content related to the NHS’s contract procurement process. This programme was specifically designed to speed up the process of NHS adoption of IVDs, so it required a custom build that would speak to the needs of NHS commissioners and procurement teams.


A custom blend of an existing IVD protocol was married alongside several other commercialisation, commissioning and evaluation frameworks to create a bespoke approach that met the customer’s needs. The cohort was successfully delivered with mixed methods data collection tools designed to evidence the metrics identified in the framework. As such, Business created and delivered a framework for the entire programme working alongside project management staff that surfaced relevant impacts and issues to consider for iteration.